At St Bede’s RC Primary School we understand that many children and families experience difficult times which can make a happy, successful school and home life a struggle. Mrs Welsh is employed as St Bede’s Child & Family Welfare Officer. If you have worries or concerns about your child, you can always talk to their class teacher and the head teacher as they know your child and can work with you to address any issues.  However, for whatever reason, you might not feel able to or there may be other problems which parents/carers need some help with.  One of the roles of a Child & Family Welfare Officer is to work closely with children and families who may be experiencing difficulties, this could be as simple as a misunderstanding with friends or it could be a more complex issue such as bereavement or a change in family circumstance. It may be that the support is needed for a short while or it could be a longer process. At St Bede’s RC Primary the emotional welfare of our pupils is of the greatest importance and having a dedicated Child & Family Welfare Officer enables these issues to be given the time and care needed to be sensitively and compassionately worked through together. We seek to break down the barriers to learning and help you to deal with challenges in a positive way so that all children can be successful and make good progress.


I work with and support families in different ways:

  • I listen and appreciate parents/carers issues and offer suggestions and advice for individuals and families on behaviour management, boundaries, routines, school attendance, e-safety, healthy eating to name a few.  I can also refer and signpost to other services available within South Tyneside.
  • I work with and support families during key school transition, including newcomers and moving on to secondary.
  • I work with families who are going through difficult times including relationship breakdown, bereavement, mental well-being and financial hardship.
  • In consultation with parents/carers I can support children on a 1:1 basis, listening and working with them in different ways e.g. anger management and control, key school transitions,  development of pupil self-esteem and confidence, friendship issues, bullying and cyberbullying, family issues: bereavement, new baby in the family, parent’s separation/divorce.

I am available in school everyday from 8am if you would like to make an appointment to see me.